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Wally Watt Inc. provides a variety of services long after the initial building design and purchase.

Building Customization review: Wally Watt, Inc. manufactures over two hundred standard sizes. Each building is custom built to meet our customer's needs. Our customers have the opportunity to select the building series, length and depth, roof style and pitch, door and window placement, as well as color and accessory options.

Measure Services: To ensure customer satisfaction and to confirm that our customers have enough space to accommodate our factory-assembled buildings, we can have an experienced Wally Watt, Inc. professional measure the property prior to order placement.

Build On Jobsite (BOJ): If obstacles such as trees, walls or fences prevent our delivery and installation team from delivering a factory-assembled building, we can construct the building on your property or jobsite for a slight additional fee.

Removal of preexisting shed: At the time of delivery and installation our team members will tear down and remove rusted steal or metal sheds for a slight additional fee.

Relocation Services: Wally Watt provides relocation services for our existing Wally Watt customers. Our services encompass In yard moves as well as property-to-property moves. Please contact the factory for further information.

Service Calls: If your Wally Watt, Inc. building has suffered damage and needs repair, our experienced service crew will come to your property and service and repair your Wally Watt building. Please contact the factory for our service area and fee information.

Trade In Program: If you have outgrown your current Wally Watt building and need more space, consider trading in your used Wally Watt for a larger Wally Watt, Inc. building.

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